Healdsburg Art Atelier

Charles Becker
Magical Realism



This session will focus on incorporating silver and glass objects into still life painting.

In Charles’ class his students will first sketch and then paint their own still-lifes. The students will learn to accentuate light which will take their paintings beyond photorealism. Charles Becker is a master painter who has been featured in many publications, such as Time, the cover of Southwest Art, and dozens more. He has exhibited all over the United States, as well as France, Japan, Sweden and Hong Kong. Let Charles be your guide to this magical realm of artistry.

The cost is $300 for 6 sessions.
Materials list provided.
Call 707-791-4028 or email info@healdsburgartatelier.com to reserve your space.


Charles Becker drew as a teenager, but it wasn't until he happened to see a painting by Italian still-life master, Roberto Lupetti, that he was inspired to consider art as a possible career. As a result of the experience, Becker sought out the master (who happened to live nearby) and, under Lupetti's tutelage, created a solid foundation upon which to develop his own unique style. In the past ten years, Becker has received both critical and popular acclaim. His work has been featured in Time, Sunstorm, Art & Antiques, Connoisseur, USA Today, Art News, U.S. Art, Advertising Age and many other publications. His paintings also have been featured in dozens of exhibitions throughout the U.S., as well as France, Japan, Sweden, and Hong Kong. Today, his works hang in many prestigious private and corporate collections.

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