Healdsburg Art Atelier

Yoga & Art
Nell Rubinstien



Nell is grateful to offer a class that she has been dreaming about for years—combining her two greatest passions YOGA and ART!

Nell will lead the class through a gentle flow yoga sequence. Following the practice, the group will meditate and each participant will set an intention for their painting. After meditation, the class will begin to explore several mediums such as acrylic paint, charcoal, paint sticks, and pastels. Nell will help guide each person with their painting as needed.

Nell always practices a meditation with a set intention before she begins a painting. This practice is something that she is delighted to share with you. This class is intended to nurture bodies, mind, and creative spirit.

The first class will be August 28th, 5:30–8pm.
It is an ongoing class held every two weeks.
Please check in to see future dates and what painting techniques will explored.

Cost: $40 per person, 4 person maximum.

Call 707-791-4028 or email info@healdsburgartatelier.com to reserve your space.


Nell Rubinstein is the owner of Healdsburg Art Atelier.